Devon County Seniors Cricket Club

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Proposed 'MINI TOUR' to Leics/Warwicks APRIL 28th- 30th 2020

This has been discussed, though not thoroughly, as was awaiting the outcome of the 'Spanish Tour' which is now not going ahead. Leicestershire expressed an interest, as they came down to see us last year, and Nick Rogers' brother Dave, Captains Warwickshire.I have emailed both, and awaiting communication. What I do need is interest from the Membership, so that I can gauge whether this would be a possibility. Deposits of £100 pp to reserve 2/3 nights accommodation, and to play TWO games on the Tuesday & Thursday, returning home after. Please let me know if your interested initially, further discussions can take place at the Dinner/AGM on Saturday November 2nd, along with costs.

* Tourists interested:  Peter Shephard, Dave Gambie, Mike Seal, Roy Page, Andy Rose (4)

Future social events coming up in 2020, starting with February 6th for all to enjoy...

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 6th 2020...Coach Trip for 20/30 people to Macey's 'The Firehouse Country Inn'  leaving 10-15am from Exeter Court Hotel, back around 16-30pm... *** £15per person (30 seater coach)  £20 per person (20 seater) in advance please.

Those already interested: Westerns (2) Dave Cotton, Bill Bailey-Lewis, Mike Abbot, Pete Shephard, Barry Ficker,  Dave Gambie, Mr & Mrs Keith White (10)...MAX' 30

Those travelling independently...Jo & Graham Darke, Andy & Celia Rose (4)


*Events on the Calendar for next year... Day out at Macey's, 'The Firehouse Country Inn'  on Thursday February 6th  2020... Proposed MINI TOUR to LEICS/WARWICKSHIRE for  2  games pre-season 2020...Devon day out at Somerset CCC in April/May/September...Dinner & AGM Saturday November 7th 2020

** For every EVENT FULL DEPOSITS will be required please.

***We will need to ascertain how many wish to travel by coach (20 or 30) or those who wish to travel independently, as we made a loss on the Coach hire last year, and that's not happening again please.

Next Committee Meeting Tuesday NOVEMBER 19th @ the Coaver Club... 7pm

Following on from a very successful Dinner & EGM/AGM, the Committee meet with new elected members. The 'Coaver Club'  is situated at the Offices of Devon County Council. 

WINTER NETS booked again for APRIL '2020' @ the Sir Christopher Ondaatje Devon Cricket Centre...

Nets booked again for Wednesday APRIL 1st  & Tuesday APRIL  7th  for the new 2020 season, presuming 8 - 10pm


David Gambie has for several years served as the Clubs President and more recently as Chairman. However, he has indicated that he is no longer able to continue.

We need someone to step up to take this vital role on.

The Club can manage without a President, but having a Chairman is crucial if we are to continue to be able to play the cricket that we do.

Paul Berman & Andy Rose are continuing as Secretary & Treasurer, so there will be continuity of Officers for a new Chairman.

Please give this matter some serious thought, whether as a nominator for a candidate, or for taking it on yourself.


Annual Dinner & AGM booked again for Saturday November 7th 2020...into our 8th year?

Yet again, another successful evening spent in the company of many whom attended the Annual Dinner & EGM/AGM, so the event organizer has gone ahead and booked the same venue for next year. Should anyone wish a change of venue, please come forward & take on the responsibility of organizing this event. 

EGM & AGM  Report





WANTED: Able-bodied and talented cricketers aged 48+ for your Counties National Championship for O'50's 1st & 2nd XI's, O'60's 1st & 2nd XI's, 67+ XI & Sunday & Mid-Week Friendly XI. To discuss membership, please contact one of our Club's Officers, on the Contacts page.

Peter Shephard & Dave Gambie with Keith White MBE, Managing Director of 'Michael Spiers', Devon County Seniors Cricket Club's major sponsor 2018 and onwards.